Yogitea Alkaline Balance
Yogitea Alkaline Balance
Yogitea Alkaline Balance
Yogitea Alkaline Balance

Yogitea Alkaline Balance


lemongrass*, lemon balm*, dandelion*, nettle*, peppermint*, raspberry leaves*, green oat grass*, lavender flowers*, fennel*, carrot*, lime blossom*, birch leaves*, alfalfa*, parsley*

Box of 17 sachets.

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Alkaline Balance

In the fast-paced era in which we live, it is not easy to maintain a balanced and alkaline diet, but it is still necessary to find a way to take care of ourselves. Enjoying this alkaline herbal tea allows us to find our inner balance, as it gives us the best of nature. Wonderfully mild herbs such as green oats and aromatic lavender give the infusion a very special note. This is the infusion that always makes you want to have a second cup. The essence of this herbal tea is: "Soft in balance".

Posture of yoga - Prayer Pose

Sit cross-legged with your back straight and place both hands in the center of your chest in the prayer position, bringing them together with light pressure. In this position a deep balance is generated, as the lunar energy of the left hand is balanced with the solar energy of the right hand. Breathe deeply for 3 minutes. Ask your doctor if you can do this exercise.


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