Smooth Zafus

Smooth Zafus

Zafu Classic

Carrying handle available.Diameter approx. 34cmHeight approx. 16cm (adjustable)
Smooth Zafus

Zafu Heart

This ergonomic Zafu leaves you a space to put your feet in the "Loto" posture so you can use the full height of the meditation cushion. Zafu ideal for beginners and people with less flexibility.
Smooth Zafus

Zafu Moon

Cushion for meditation and yoga in the shape of a half moon It has a carrying handle.UNSUBSOLIDIZEDApprox. 40 x 20cmApprox. 14cm height (adjustable)
Smooth Zafus

Zafu Rondino

Diameter approx. 32cmHeight approx. 16cm (adjustable)

Consult the Zafus shopper or call us if you need advice to choose the perfect Zafu or stool for your meditation practice.


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