Yogitea Turmeric Chai
Yogitea Turmeric Chai
Yogitea Turmeric Chai
Yogitea Turmeric Chai

Yogitea Turmeric Chai

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Contains: turmeric*, cinnamon*, licorice*, ginger*, cardamom*, black pepper*, apple*, fennel*, mace*, cocoa shell*, cloves*

Box of 17 sachets.

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Turmeric Chai

Created by the power of Mother Nature: the wonderful turmeric root, with its golden glow that comforts us even in the most turbulent moments. Accompanied by the tasty Chai spices and with a touch of cinnamon, this infusion gives off a powerful and full aroma. Let yourself be seduced by its charm! Great also lightly sweetened and with milk or vegan milk substitute. To enhance turmeric in the best way it is recommended to prepare it as "Golden Milk": simply boil the infusion bag in milk (100 °C), for a safe consumption let stand 5 minutes and enjoy! The essence of this infusion is: "Relaxing heat of the sun".

Yoga to strengthen digestion

Sit in any position with your back straight. Put your lips forward, as if they were a beak and begin to 'drink' the air in gulps. Drink as many gulps as you can. Then close your mouth, hold your breath and begin to move your stomach in a circle. The torso remains calm. Make alternating clockwise and counterclockwise circles. When you can no longer hold your breath, exhale gently through your nose. Repeat the exercise three times. Exercise on an empty stomach.

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