Yogitea Spiritual Balm
Yogitea Spiritual Balm

Yogitea Spiritual Balm

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For those days that don't go as planned, there is nothing better than YOGI TEA® Spiritual Balm. An infusion that invites us to relax completely. Just smell the captivating aroma of cocoa shells that, in combination with the delicate and sweet flavor of rooibos and fruity notes of orange, will lift your spirits and make you smile.

The infusion for those seeking warmth and comfort.

Ingredients: Cinnamon*, licorice*, cocoa husk*, rooibos*, roasted chicory*, hibiscus*, ginger*, anise*, honeybush*, orange peel*, carob*, natural cocoa extract*, common mallow flowers*, lean cocoa powder*, black pepper*, orange essential oil*, vanilla pod*, vanilla extract*.

*certified organic


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