Tingshas DRAGON
Tingshas DRAGON

Tingshas DRAGON

Tingshas bronze with relief of two dragons.

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Cymbals made of bronze alloy by Tibetan craftsmen. They are usually decorated with mantras or Buddhist symbols. When the two cymbals collide, a high-pitched and long-lasting sound is produced,

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the Tinc-Chya is used in very special rituals. A lama leads the puja while the cymbals are occasionally played. With this sound one tries to invoke the "debtor spirits" to symbolically collect clothes, food, etc. In this way our karmic debt with these beings is settled.

In the West they are used in different natral therapies (balance of hemispheres, meditation, change of position in the imposition of hands in Reiki ....). Also, of course, curious musicians approach their sound given its special sharpness.

Diameter: 6cm


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