Masajeador Shiva Lingam
Massager Shiva Lingam
Massager Shiva Lingam
Masajeador Shiva Lingam
Masajeador Shiva Lingam
Massager Shiva Lingam
Massager Shiva Lingam
Masajeador Shiva Lingam

Massager Shiva Lingam

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Massager made of sacred stone from India.

Size: 10-11cm

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The Shiva Lingam were formed millions of years ago when a meteorite collided with the earth at the source of the Narmada River, the oldest river in the world, in Madhya Pradesh, a province north of Bombay, India.

The immense heat of the collision caused the fusion of the rock in the area with the meteoric material, which makes them unique and very special.
This river is one of the most sacred sites in India.
You rarely see these stones Lingam out of there.

The stones Shiva Lingam are considered sacred and their place of origin is a place of prayer and devotion.
To perceive the powerful energy of these unique stones is a blessing.
They have the power to accumulate positive energies and eliminate negative ones.

The phallic form of the stone represents the masculine aspect (LINGAM) of the energy of the creator and the soul.
Therapeutically, it activates the production of testosterone and increases vital energy.

The YONI or meteoric material represents the feminine aspect.
Like the Divine, or the human soul, Lingam is neither masculine nor feminine.
It helps to balance both forces.

This stone resonates with energies of all the elements - earth, fire, water, air.

Use of Shiva lingams :

  • - Charge the entire system of chakras
  • - Activate kundalini energies
  • - Increase vitality
  • - Enhance inner transformation
  • - Breaking old patterns and opening the way for new life
  • -Helps to feel oneness, even in times of separation

Size: 10-11cm

Each stone is unique, the pattern varies between shades of beige, brown and touches of green

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