Meditation Set - Heart OM

Set for meditation composed of a heart-shaped zafu + zabuton 80 x 80cm

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have a beautiful corner, dedicated to meditation!

The set has an ergonomic heart-shaped zafu + the super comfortable zabuton as a base for the cushion.

All zafus are filled with buckwheat shells - a filling that molds perfectly to the body. The zabuton is made in two pieces - an outer cover, made of cotton canvas and an authentic inner futon. The inner futon is composed of 6 layers of cotton fleece that also has a cover. The futon creates an ideal surface for prolonged meditation without ankle discomfort. It also insulates very well against the cold of the ground.

Covers: 100% cotton canvas, washable up to 40°C
Filling zafu: Spelt Husk
Zabuton : 80 x 80cm
Interior zabuton: 6-layer futon

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This ergonomic Zafu leaves you a space to put your feet in the "Loto" posture so you can use the full height of the meditation cushion. Zafu ideal for beginners and people with less flexibility.

Data sheet

spelt husks

Zabuton excellent finish. With its superior thickness it gives a very comfortable and cozy surface. Complement your zafu with this extraordinary base.

Data sheet

4 layers of cotton fiber
80 x 80cm

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