Lota nasal OM, creme
Lota nasal OM, creme

Neti Pot nasal OM, creme

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The practice of "Neti" - a millenary yogic practice.
Material: Porcelain
Capacity: 250ml


The nose is a much more important organ than we think. Rhinologists list up to 30 different functions (filtering absorbed air, humidifying it, perceiving odors, ...) and that is why Daniel Reid in his book "The Tao of health, sex and long life" talks about the wonderful but misunderstood nasal apparatus.

Just as it is common to use a toothbrush, the nose is the only orifice that we do not clean and that we dirty the most because 16,000 liters of air pass through it every day, leaving a large quantity of particles, bacteria, etc.

In addition, pollution, smoking and a diet rich in sugars, dairy products and refined flours damage mucus, making it dense and thick.

The best way to clean the nose and keep the nasal passages clear is to regularly administer a nasal shower, which in yogic terms is called NETI or jala neti. And for this a kind of teapot called LOTA is used.

The neti cleans the area, expels dust, grease and pollutants, thoroughly washes the sensitive olfactory endings and thus increases our ability to extract and assimilate the physical and energetic air (qi).

It is very easy. You fill it with warm water and pour in 1/3 teaspoon of salt. The idea is to approximate the temperature and salinity of the nasal passages so that there is no osmotic exchange of liquids with the nasal membranes.

The body is leaned forward in the basin, the head is tilted, the tip of the lota/teat is inserted into the upper nostril and the liquid is poured in little by little. The idea is that the liquid enters through the upper side of the nose and exits through the lower side. Do this with half of the liquid in the lota and switch sides.

When the water in the lota runs out, we alternately plug our nose and blow hard to expel dirt.

If the ducts are very clogged, the water does not circulate from one side to the other and then we have to do it on each side independently, covering the lower hole and without swallowing the water if it passes to the palate.

The proof that we have done the nasal cleansing correctly is that we notice how the olfactory sensitivity increases enormously.

Experts say that with regular breathing exercises and nasal showers, we can say goodbye to colds because contrary to the opinion of Western doctors who blame germs for respiratory disorders, the cause is a pathological toxicity of the nasal membranes that become an ideal breeding ground for germs.

Daniel Reid advises this nasal shower 1 or 2 times a week but other authors prefer daily and on an empty stomach. When there is a lot of mucus, it can be repeated several times a day, the last one before going to sleep.

Neti is a simple and innocuous technique that can be performed from the age of 3 years. It is recommended for all people and especially for athletes (it enhances oxygenation), allergy sufferers, for those suffering from dry nostrils, congestion, sinusitis, snoring, pharyngitis, rhinitis, aphonia, headaches, ..


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