Mala from Amatista, 6mm ball
Mala from Amatista, 6mm ball
Mala from Amatista, 6mm ball
Mala from Amatista, 6mm ball

Mala from Amatista, 6mm ball

Mala o Buddhist rosary of 108 + 1 beads
Made of Amatista

Diameter of beads: 6mm

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The Mala or Buddhist Rosary

Traditionally, the Buddhist rosary consists of 108 beads of the same size. It is used to keep track of recitations of mantras or words of power, endowed with deep meaning and used as a means of mental protection against extreme ideation, mental sinking and disturbed emotions and attitudes.

The sacred number of 108 predates the rise of Buddhism, being the classical number ascribed within Hinduism to name the deities or gods. As a multiple of 12 and 9, it represents the nine planets in the twelve zodiacal houses. As a multiple of 27 and 4, it also symbolizes the four quarters of the moon in each of the 27 lunar mansions or constellations. Nine is also a magic number, since any quantity multiplied by it results in a number where the sum of its digits is also a multiple of nine. In the yoga of pranayana or vital breath control, it is estimated that a human being breathes 21,600 times in a cycle of 24 hours, consisting respectively of 60 periods of 360 breaths. In turn, the 108 beads ensure that at least 100 recitations of a mantra are completed within a full cycle of the rosary.


Amethyst geodes are well known, particularly beautiful and regenerating energies.
Amethyst is said to purify and cleanse the body and mind. It favors understanding and persuasion. Amethyst is a stone that comforts in pain and provides relief in times of distress.

It has sedative vibrations, balances the body when there are sleep disturbances, enhances the endocrine glands
and the nervous system.

It brings peace and balance, stimulates intelligence.
It symbolizes balance and purity, serenity and modesty.

It is one of the most interesting stones to meditate !

It opens and strengthens the chakras of the head, basal and spleen.

Affinity with the signs of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Libra.

Mala o Buddhist rosary of 108 + 1 beads
Made of Amatista
Diameter beads: 6mm

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Para lo que he pagado, veo pobre el adorno de los hilos, vienen dilachados y unos más cortos que otros. He comprado otros mucho más baratos y los he visto mejor trabajados. Lo siento es lo que pienso.

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