Yerba Santa Smudging Bundle
Yerba Santa Smudging Bundle

Yerba Santa Smudging Bundle

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The Yerba Santa Smudge Tie is a spiritual and ritual tool that allows you to purify and cleanse your energetic environment, promoting an environment of calm, clarity and spiritual connection. This bundle is composed of dried leaves of Yerba Santa, a sacred plant used for centuries by various indigenous cultures for its spiritual and healing properties.

Ritual of Use:
1. Light a match or candle and, with its flame, gently light the dried Yerba Santa leaves at the end of the bundle.
2. Allow the leaves to smoulder for a moment until they generate a soft, steady smoke.
3. Blow gently on the flames so that the fire dies down, leaving only the aromatic smoke.

As the smoke rises, walk around the space you wish to purify, holding the bundle firmly but gently. Visualise how the smoke removes any negative energy, tension or blockages that may be in the environment. Feel free to recite words of affirmation, prayers or intentions during the process.

This ritual can be performed in different situations, such as at the start of a new day, before a meditation, after a stressful event or whenever you feel the need to renew and purify your energetic space.

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