Joc Eduioga - Català
Joc Eduioga - Català
Joc Eduioga - Català
Joc Eduioga - Català

Joc Eduioga - Català

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A fun game, not only for children...

It consists of 27 cardboard cards in a wooden box. Available in Castellano and Catalan.

The game won the 1st prize "Premios Ibertoy 2014", in the Sociability category.


An innovative game of Yoga, which aims to accompany values and recover postural habits often forgotten.

It consists of 27 cards with a very careful presentation. 20 cards are postures of Yoga related to animals or elements of nature. Behind each card we can find three sections: "How it is done", "How it helps our body" and "How it helps our mood".

4 cards are of breaths and on the back are also the sections "How it is done" and "How it helps our body"

Two game rules are proposed, one for memory that allows to practice the postures and the other, more creative and group, in which the children must invent and represent a story with each and every one of the cards they have played.

To complete the game of Yoga, there are two cards that explain two stories that invite reflection.

It is presented in a cardboard box with a wooden cover. The cards are made of cardboard


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