Ayurvedic incense H&B, Halmadi
Ayurvedic incense H&B, Halmadi

Ayurvedic incense H&B, Halmadi

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Each package contains

10 incense sticks.

Duration 50 minutes.

Certified by Ecocert


Halmaddi resin is one of the most precious aromatic resins in existence. It is a resin native to India and is the base from which the famous Nag Champa incense is made. This fragrance, however, is made only with Halmadi resin of the highest quality and purity, without any other ingredient that alters its genuine aroma. It is an exquisite aroma of sweet and woody notes that produces captivating and unique notes. Like most woody fragrances, it has relaxing properties that facilitate states of calm. It is an ideal fragrance for meditation and spiritual practice, as well as for treating insomnia and nervousness.

Halmadi (Ailanthus Malabarica)

Origin: India

Ingredients: Ailanthus malabarica resin, machilus macrantha resin, toasted coconut bark, bamboo.

Certified by Ecocert


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