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Yoni Eggs - Obsidian
Yoni Eggs - Obsidian
Yoni Eggs - Obsidian
Yoni Eggs - Obsidian
Yoni Eggs - Obsidian
Yoni Eggs - Obsidian
Yoni Eggs - Obsidian
Yoni Eggs - Obsidian

Yoni Eggs - Obsidian

Boost your Intimate Wellness and Empowerment with the Yoni Egg Set, the key to Sexual Energy and Self Love.

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Power your Intimate Energy with the Yoni Egg


Discover the Yoni Egg: An Ancestral Treasure

Yoni Eggs are ancestral tools of female empowerment and sexual well-being. Originating from the ancient Taoist practices of China, these sacred objects are used to enhance sexual energy and improve the body's vitality. Unlike sex toys, Yoni eggs do not seek immediate pleasure, but rather a deep connection with your being and your sexuality.

Yoni Egg Benefits

Our Yoni Egg set is a powerful ally for your well-being. They contribute to the toning and elasticity of the vaginal and perineum muscles, improve vaginal lubrication and relaxation, and increase sensitivity, which can lead to more intense orgasms. These eggs are also tools for self-awareness and empowerment, helping to unblock emotions and strengthening your feminine essence.

Use and Connection: How to Use Your Yoni Egg

To begin using the Yoni egg, we recommend you attend a specialized workshop, taught by experts in the field. There you will learn about its functioning, use, benefits and the exercises that are right for you. The usual practice includes the careful insertion of the egg, making gentle movements and concentrating on your breathing.

Mineralogical Characteristics of Obsidian

Obsidian, a volcanic glass of predominantly black hues, is formed by the rapid cooling of acidic magmas. It is a stone of transformation and personal growth, linked to the 1st chakra and used for protection, cleansing and purification. Known for revealing hidden aspects of the self for healing, obsidian is a reflection of the whole being, facing blockages and traumas for conscious liberation.


Package Contents

This set includes three Yoni eggs of different sizes (small, medium and large), suitable for different levels of practice and personal preferences. The set comes in an elegant box, ideal for storing and protecting your Yoni eggs.

Approximate size:

  • Small Egg: 2 x 3 cm, 18 g
  • Medium Egg: 2.5 x 4 cm, 33 g
  • Large Egg: 3 x 4.5 cm, 50 g

Our Yoni Egg is made of 100% naturally mined Obsidiana.

Since the gemstone is a natural product, each Yoni Egg is unique and therefore may look different in grain and color.


The Yoni Egg set is available in 2 versions:

- perforated (with string)

- unperforated (without string)


WARNING: For hygienic reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges of this product once delivered. We appreciate your understanding.


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