Yoga SwingAerial Yoga - TURQUOISE
Yoga SwingAerial Yoga - TURQUOISE
Yoga SwingAerial Yoga - TURQUOISE
Yoga SwingAerial Yoga - TURQUOISE

Yoga SwingAerial Yoga - TURQUOISE

MundoYoga presents the most versatile tool for a myriad of applications, such as:

- Aerial Yoga and Aero Pilates

- Yoga antigravity

- Inversion therapy

- Alignment in standing postures

- Inverted posture support and stretching

backward stretches

- Blanket and bolster replacement in restorative postures


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Aero Yoga and Aero Pilates Swing made of Ultralight Nylon

Unparalleled Quality in Design

Elevate your Aerial Yoga experience with our Turquoise Aerial Yoga Swing. Designed with precision and passion, this swing combines style, functionality, and quality, making it the perfect addition to your Aero Yoga and Aero Pilates sessions.

Maximum Durability and Comfort

Made with ultralight Nylon, the same robust and reliable material used in parachutes, it guarantees unparalleled resistance. The softness of the material is gentle on your skin, allowing you to perform your poses with complete comfort. In addition, its triple-reinforced seams provide added peace of mind by preventing tears.

Control and Stability in Every Move

Our swing features six ergonomic stirrups for hands and feet. Coated with cushioned and non-slip neoprene, they ensure a secure grip, allowing you to focus on perfecting your technique and fully enjoying each pose.

The pack includes:

- 150 x 250cm central hammock, with two stainless steel hooks.

- Two side handles with stainless steel hooks, each with 3 stirrups of different lengths (20cm, 65cm and 135cm)

- Two extra long straps (145cm) for hanging the swing and adjusting its height, with spacing every 14cm. Made of safety tape (type safety car belt).

- Carrying bag with drawstring closure, made of the same fabric as the swing.

- The material for the placement of the swing is NOT included, since different types of anchorage are needed depending on where it will be hung (p.e. wooden beam, concrete ceiling, door frame, etc.). We recommend seeking advice from a professional hardware store to choose the safest anchorage.


All components of the swing are machine washable, up to 40°C, with laundry detergent.

We recommend washing the swing inside a washing machine bag / mesh, to avoid damage to the swing and the washing machine.


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