Lámpara de Sal con Cuarzo Rosa
Cuarzo Rosa
Lampara de Sal
Lámpara de Sal con Cuarzo Rosa
Cuarzo Rosa
Lampara de Sal

Salt Lamp with Rose Quartz

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harmonize your meditation room with the optimal light...


The atmosphere created by the salt lamp promises very special moments. Thanks to its expressive light that moves between orange and white within the color spectrum, it is a real eye-catcher and the focal point of any room. Its proliferating stimulating effect can contribute to an absolute enhancement of the indoor environment, covering the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a pleasant veil.

Feng Shui specialists recommend this type of salt lamps as a harmonizer of the environment.

Salt lamps are heated by the effect of the bulb installed inside, emitting negative ions beneficial to humans. Ideal for rooms with children, meditation rooms, asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Recommended by specialists in chromotherapy for its emission of orange light, beneficial to relax tensions and contribute to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Salt Lamp is composed of a light wood base with Murano glass shade, a kilo of salt stones and approx. 600 grams of rocks from Amatista.

Comes with a 25W E14 threaded bulb (excluded from warranty)
Black cable with switch, CE standard, approx. 130cm long

The lamp comes unassembled (base, shade, salt, amethyst, bulb and bulb protector), but is easily assembled.


Rose quartz is the most relaxing mineral. A fragment of rose quartz gives us a physical and emotional well-being and happiness so great, that once we become familiar with it, we cannot be without its company.
Heals emotional distress. Opens the heart to love and affection.

Helps us to express feelings calmly.
Gives self-confidence.
Strengthens the character

Rose quartz is indicated for nervous diseases for its properties in relaxation.

Opens and strengthens the chakras of the heart and head.

Affinity with the signs of: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo


The wooden base has a diameter of 12cm x 2cm high

The lampshade has a diameter (top) of 16cm

Total height of the lamp: 15cm


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