We are the oldest specialized store in Yoga and Meditation in Spain. We started following the example of Steve Jobs, selling from the garage at home, we have been looking for and offering the best products for your practice since 2002. When we started there were almost no anti-slip mats in the Spanish market. It was hard for us, going to fairs and events of yoga, to convince our first customers of the importance of the anti-slip effect of a specific mat for yoga. Imagine... in that not so remote time, camping mats were used to practice...

Own brands:

We have two own brands that endorse us. We are not simple intermediaries, selling the same products that you can find elsewhere. We are MundoYoga and sell mostly products designed by us. We only offer what convinces us and meets our strict standards of quality and commitment to the environment.


This store you are visiting is not only our business that feeds us, it is more, it is our passion! We can proudly exclaim: We work to live and we don't live to work!

So please forgive us for not providing you with a cell phone number, nor are we available 24 hours a day. With full energy we attend you from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. The rest of the day we need to regenerate, meditate, do yoga, generate new ideas and take care of our families.

We are experts:

We are continuously training ourselves. We often attend courses, workshops and retreats to keep abreast of the latest trends.

Among others:

First week long advanced retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza, to learn and understand new meditation techniques and sciences

Gravotonics Aerial Yoga Swing Training, Amsterdam, to learn how to use aerial swings yoga

Workshop with Eckart Tolle in Germany on "Living in the now"

Quality / Price:

We are not always the "cheapest" but sometimes what you find in big stores doesn't do the job. In the end cheap is expensive and quality has its price. But of course we appreciate you contacting us if you have a better offer, we will try to improve it! We promise.

Your health is important to us:

We do NOT allow any harmful substances inside our products. In particular we avoid possibly carcinogenic agents, such as:

- Phthalates

- aZO colors

- Bisphenol A

Relationship with Suppliers:

We move around the world to find products that suit us and to maintain a friendly relationship with our suppliers. Over the years we were in:

India, to meet / supervise our cotton fabric supplier

Bali - Indonesia, to visit the manufacturer of our swings

Germany, to learn about the manufacturing process of one of the most durable mats in the world.

China, to select the best manufacturer of NBR and TPE (new alternative materials to PVC)

Alicante - Spain, to co-create the first latex mat manufactured in our country.

Commitment to the Environment:

Our current facilities are located within a logistics park "Mecanopark", designed on three important pillars: technology, design and sustainability. They are modern, functional and environmentally friendly facilities.

Zero Waste: Recycling has a very high priority and that is why we recycle absolutely everything. We even use the shavings from the paper shredder to protect fragile products during shipping. This behavior has been verified by an independent engineering firm and has paid off in reducing the annual industrial waste fee from €1,600 to €80.


We carry permanent stock of a wide range of approx. 600 products.

we do NOT sell you things we do NOT have in stock!

To keep so much stock at your disposal, we store in two industrial warehouses with showroom and extensively equipped offices.

you need 400 mats in 48/72 hours for an event at yoga or 100 cushions meditation mats for a hotel? No problem. We stock up to 6,000 mats and thousands of related products throughout the year.

Ibiza Well Week 2019, Ushuaïa, equipped with 400 mats MundoYoga

Thank you:

We fully employ the "Thank You Technique".

Maybe you don't realize it and it seems a little strange, but from the moment an order comes in until we send it to the recipient, we have said thank you several times. Not out loud, but mentally with "good vibes". You may not notice it, but we assure you that this technique is one of the keys to the success of MundoYoga.

try it yourself! It will change your life...

We thank all our clients, suppliers, employees, collaborators and inspirers such as teachers, teachers of yoga and meditation, for having brought us to where we have come..

we also thank you for reading it!

Namaste, the team of MundoYoga

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