Máquina Chi, Sun Ancon
Máquina Chi, Sun Ancon
Chi Machine, Sun Ancon
Máquina Chi, Sun Ancon
Máquina Chi, Sun Ancon
Chi Machine, Sun Ancon

Chi Machine, Sun Ancon

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Chi Vitalizing Machine - Sun Ancon

There is a lot of talk these days about the importance of breathing to our health. The idea is simple: without proper oxygenation there is no health and ultimately no life. Aware of this, more and more people are turning to aerobics, yoga, tai-chi, jogging, swimming, controlled breathing "Pranayama", etc., methods that help to oxygenate the body and stay healthy.
Well, today we propose another very healthy way. It is a machine called Sun Ancon, model SDM-888, which is the result of 40 years of research initiated by a Japanese doctor, Dr. Inoue, who has devoted half his life to determine to what extent there is a directly proportional relationship between the levels of oxygen in the body and the quality of life of the individual.


More than 20 years ago, when he had already been practicing medicine for as many years, the muses visited Dr. Inoue while he was strolling through a park in Japan. The doctor stopped to observe the graceful movements of a fish swimming in a pond in the park, and at that moment he realized that the animal's enviable health was due to the constant undulation of its spine, as this movement meant that its entire body was permanently exercised and oxygenated. i had always wondered," says Inoue, " how it would be possible to deliver oxygen to every cell besides conscious breathing. And after observing that fish, I knew: we should move like them in the water. From then on, my goal was to prove it.
Some time later, with the help of engineers, that idea was turned into a passive aerobics machine that acts as a powerful oxygenator for the whole body. In fact, with this machine, the person obtains an undulating movement that moves as if it described the drawing of an imaginary figure eight placed in a horizontal position that simulates that of a fish. Thanks to this movement of the whole body - even externally perceived - the organism increases oxygen levels in such a way that in only 15 minutes it obtains the same oxygenation as with an hour of aerobic exercise. And this improves immune function, blood production, the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, organs and the spinal column. In short, it increases the overall sense of well-being. And all because of improved and increased oxygenation of the body. Inoue explains: "Oxygen is the greatest source of health and its lack is the root of all disease. Oxygen deficiency is the difference between being healthy and being unhealthy".


The Sun Ancon machine is very easy to use and those who have tried it say that its excellent results are immediately noticeable. All you have to do is lie down on the floor with your ankles resting on the machine's support. The device then subjects the whole body to a pleasant and constant zigzagging motion - similar to the movement of a fish - that massages it from head to toe. These harmonic movements not only free the spine and make more oxygen reach the cells of the body but also generate an energy that moves in the form of "horizontal eight" whose point of intersection is located in the solar plexus of the individual (third Chakra or Manipura Chakra).

In this way the zigzag that describes the body by the effect of this device also activates the flow of chi or "vital energy" of which the millenary Chinese medicine speaks. Hence the name of the machine.

- Fixed speed of 140 oscillations per minute

- Ideal for stress reduction

- Relaxing massage and full body stimulation

- Remote control with analog timer 0-30 minutes, wired.

- Suitable for professional use in Physiotherapy, Shiatzu, Osteopaths,

Chiropractors and centers of yoga and therapeutic massage.

Improves the well-being of the whole family!

on request - delivery time between 5-10 days!

Voltage: 230 V AC
Power input: 34 W
Dimensions: 33.7 x 30.2 x 21.2 cm
Weight: 7 kg.

Sun Ancon

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